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FAQS « Keyframe Animation School


In case you have any other questions, please refer to our Contact Us form.

1. Which software is used for Animation?

We use Autodesk Maya, although everything learned in our workshops is "transferable" to any other software since we focus on the ART of animating.  With this said, with the acquired knowledge you can use any other 3d package that has a Curve Editor, a Timeline and controllers for their rigs.

2. Does Keyframe provide the softwares used in their workshops?

Autodesk Maya can be downloaded completely functional with a free 3 year student license at : https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/maya

Zbrush has a 45 day trial version at : https://pixologic.com/zbrush/trial/

3. Do I need to have full knowledge of the software used during the courses?

For Animation Workshops such as Principles of Animation and Basic Locomotion you do not have to be an advanced Autodesk Maya user, since we are taking you from zero to hero.  Any other Animation Workshop has a specific requirement detailed in its description.

4. What happens if I use another software different than Autodesk Maya?

Since Keyframe is dedicated in making a professional animator out of our students, in our Animation Workshops we concentrate on the art itself rather than knowing every single Menu that the software offers.  We use Autodesk Maya since it is considered being the "standard" of the animation industry, but everything learned in our workshops can be "translated" to any other 3d software.  The only disadvantage of following the workshop with another 3d software is the fact that the instructor would only do notations on a platform such as Syncsketch, rather than opening the file and providing fixes for it in real time during the Live Video Sessions, as well as having to use personal/free or commercial character rigs handled by that 3d application.

5. What are the basic requirements for Video Conferences?


  • 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
  • Webcam (for best communication with instructor, but not a must)
  • Headphones and/or headset-mounted microphone (for best communication with instructor, but not a must)
  • Broadband Internet: 5Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload


6. During the Animation Workshops are we learning how to model, texture o make rigs?

During our Animation Workshops you are already provided with exclusive, professional grade character rigs for Autodesk Maya, so there is no need to model, texture or rig anything by the student.

7. Which are the days and times for Video Conferences?

You can find all this information in the bottom part of each of our Workshops.  Make sure to know about the Time Zones in which each of them are offered so that you don´t miss any classes.

8. What happens if I can not attend a Live Video Conference?

Don´t worry, in the event that you can´t make it to any of our Live Video Conferences you can previously send your work to your teacher so that he can provide you with feedback during the session as if you were there.  Afterwards, this Live Video Conferences are ready for you to download and watch them at the comfort of your home.

9. How much time do I have to invest for assignments?

It is recommended that students invest at least 1 hour a day for their weekly assignments.  It is to be expected that as you go to higher level workshops the daily hour should also be incremented, as well as if you have personal, social or professional responsibilities.

10. What happens if I do not hand in an assignment?

KEYFRAME does not have a grading system per assignment or anything similar, but at the end on the workshop your instructor will make an evaluation based on the number of assignments handed in, your participation in class, the way you handled feedback and obviously and most important, if you have the skills to continue to the next level.

11. What is the payment method?

All payments are done via PAYPAL.  Once we receive the payment, we immediately proceed to send you the confirmation and welcome to Keyframe Anim School with the pertinent information regarding the access to our campus, video tutorials and everything related to the selected workshop.

12. Is it guaranteed that I will find work after finishing all workshops?

Like everything in life, nothing is guaranteed but taxes and death.  Our mission is to provide students with all the knowledge, tools and help necessary so that, based on dedication, discipline, passion, perseverance, patience and practice, they can reach their objectives in this wonderful profession.


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